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Builds in progress

Get a sneak peak into our design process!  Builds here are things we are going to be working on!

Completed Builds

These are our finished builds!  things that we’ve done for clients, or for our personal use here on the ‘mountain!

Metal Repair

Metal breaks down and needs to be repaired!  We can repair and re-weld just about anything!

Custom Designs

All our designs start in the digital realm, so you can see exactly what you are getting, and can make changes.

Metal Sculpture

Not everything we do is a serious build.  We use what is left over from our builds to create some pretty cool art.

Garden Tools

We can even build you custom garden tools!  From planting to laying drip tape, we can do that!

Family owned and Operated
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Custom painting

We custom paint all our creations and can treat them with a rust inhibitor for damp environments!

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As a family owned and operated business we value you as our client!  

We’ve Been Building For Over 50 Years

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Small Winch platform

Perfect match for a compact tractor!  Designed for cutting and pulling firewood on a small farm.  We use it to pull logs up to a landing to be cut up!  plenty of room for chain saws, cables, chokers and the like!

Heavy Winch Platform

When you need heavy duty muscle.  This self contained winch platform is designed for the heavy haul.

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